Makah National Fish Hatchery



Project Titles:

  • Repair Hatchery Building Electrical System (FFS #R1PP)
  • Repair Pumps (FFS #R1PQ)
  • Repair Hatchery Building Roof (FFS #R1QE)
  • Rehabilitate Pipe (FFS #R1QG)

State: Washington

Project Description: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has overseen the completion of four contracts totaling $539,142 at the Makah National Fish Hatchery in Washington. The projects were funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Burton Construction, Inc., received $334,341 to repair the electrical system in the main hatchery building. Sabyr Contractors received $54,608 to repair water pumps at the facility, and Cherokee General was awarded two contracts totaling $156,970 to replace the flat section of the Hatchery Building roof, and rehabilitate piping for hatchery troughs.

“The new imprint pump that was rehabilitated was used all this past spawning season and worked reliably,” said Makah NFH manager Caroline Peterschmidt. “The electrical panel replacement has been through at least three power outage events and handled the load changes between public power to backup generators well and without problem. This system is improved over the previous system in that we can now automatically schedule test and exercise of the generators on a regular basis, which improves our readiness and equipment operations confidence.

“The new valves and pipe repair (R1QG) are currently in use and functioning fine, delivering water to the incubation stacks and operating as needed during sand filter cleaning periods,” Peterschmidt said. “And lastly the new roof (R1QE) has been thoroughly tested by the winter rains and is proving to be weather tight.”

These improvements help the Makah NFH meet its commitments to the Makah Tribe for the harvesting and conservation of Sooes River salmonid stocks.


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