Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge



Project Title: Repair Crabber’s Dock (FFS #R4HF)

State: Georgia

Initial Project Description:The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS, the Service) will use Recovery Act funds to make extensive safety and structural improvements to a boat dock at Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) near Savannah, Georgia.

The Service awarded a $219,989 ARRA contract to Specpro Environmental Services, LLC of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, for repairs to the Crabber’s Dock.

In 1985, FWS built the Crabber’s Dock for the Watermans Association so that members who make their livelihood off of the water could access the waters surrounding the refuge. Over the years, the dock has deteriorated; the Recovery Act project will make it safer and easier to use.

“These repairs are a sign of our continuing commitment to making the refuge the best that it can be for the people who use it,” said Kimberly Hayes, Refuge Manager at Harris Neck NWR.

The following items will be replaced as part of the project:

  1. Hoist and assembly for the vertical support.
  2. Two halo lights above the dock and all wiring.
  3. Hand railing around the platform (will be replaced with aluminum railing that meets public accessibility standards).
  4. Wooden gangway (will be replaced with a metal gangway).
  5. 73 concrete dock decking slats.
  6. Pressure-treated lumber skirting and bumper guards.
  7. Five piles on which the pier floats (new system will include a roller assembly guide for each of the piles).
  8. Water and tieback system.
  9. Deteriorated pile under the concrete deck that supports the jib crane.

Located in Macintosh County, Georgia, Harris Neck NWR’s 2,762 acres consist of salt marsh, freshwater impoundments, open fields, mixed deciduous woods, and maritime forests. This great diversity of habitat attracts many species of birds to the refuge throughout the year. In the summer, egrets, herons, and the federally-endangered wood stork nest on the refuge; in the winter, waterfowl gather in the marshland and freshwater pools.

August 2011 Project Update:Specpro Environmental Services, LLC subcontracted the repair of the Crabby Dock at Harris Neck NWR to Drury Marine, a local Georgia business. Drury Marine used resources from local businesses surrounding the refuge to complete the project, thereby stimulating the local economy. Drury Marine completed the project in May 2011.

For more information, visit the Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge website.


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