Small and Disadvantaged Businesses

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The Department of the Interior received over $2.9 billion in Recovery Act funding for eight Bureaus and Offices. Interior will be investing in nearly 3,400 projects. Approximately one-third of Interior’s Recovery Act funding will be invested in water infrastructure construction projects. Another 30% will be invested in nearly 240 construction projects at Interior sites. 15% will be invested in over 1,500 deferred maintenance and energy retrofit projects. Another 9% will be invested in over 600 road and bridge maintenance projects.

Approximately 63 percent, or $1.89 billion, of Interior’s Recovery Act funding will be obligated via contracts. Nearly $420 million, or 14 percent, of Interior’s funding will be awarded via tribal agreements. Another $395 million, or 13 percent, will be obligated via cooperative agreements primarily in the areas of habitat and trail restoration. Only $70 million will be awarded via competitive grants to water and irrigation districts and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Small and Disadvanataged Business Webinars

The Department of the Interior will hold a series of webinars to provide small and disadvantaged businesses with information about our Recovery Act projects and funding opportunities. The webinars will focus on Recovery Act opportunities in specific regions of the country.

Learn more about the webinars and sign up to attend.

Marketing Your Capabilities for Recovery Funded Opportunities

The best and most productive marketing approach for a small business contractor is “Do It Yourself.” Do not depend on the Government or others to locate contracting opportunities for you.

Prepare detailed capability statements/brochures for distribution to agencies (include NAICS codes). Be specific in describing the capabilities of your firm. Indicate prior experience, prior Government contracts, references, etc.; and, if you have multiple skills, market those of which a particular agency buys the most.

You must be registered with the Central Contractor Registration @

Recommended Vendor Marketing Techniques

Become thoroughly familiar with the Federal agencies, their components, their missions, and how they are accomplished. Today’s websites can accomplish this.

Learn as much as possible about the Federal acquisition system by reviewing information on the Acquisition Reform Network @ and the Small Business Administration’s website @

Don’t hesitate to ASK QUESTIONS!

Resources for Small and Small Disadvantaged Businesses

Learning to Use is the central repository for all federal government contracting opportunities.  All DOI Recovery opportunities are posted on  In addition to our training video above, provides useres with more indepth trainings about how to register, using advanced search features and other aspects of their website.

DOI Recovery Investments by Bureau

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