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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) maintains over 40,000 miles of roads, 850 bridges, and thousands of miles of trails on the National System of Public Lands. This includes over 18,000 miles of scenic, historic, and recreational trails. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) funds will be used to fund BLM road, bridge, and trail projects that improve the infrastructure and enhance recreation experiences on the National System of Public Lands. These projects will also provide safer transportation routes for BLM personnel and visitors to the public lands.

Row River Trail bridge
BLM will spend $26 million on road and bridge projects.

Recovery Act Funding

The BLM received $305 million to help stimulate the economy through investments in the National System of Public Lands. Nearly $26 million of this funding will be used for improvements on 53 road and bridge projects. The BLM will also invest $15 million of this funding in 80 projects to maintain, improve, and repair trails across public lands.


The transportation network on BLM-managed lands directly supports recreation opportunities, helps protect natural resources, and provides access to resources for public use. Road and bridge improvements will assist in the annual maintenance and operations, which will help protect day-to-day users of public lands. ARRA funding will allow the BLM to create jobs to improve access to public lands, make safety improvements, and provide trailhead facilities, such as parking, restrooms, or staging areas. Some funds will be used to provide information and interpretation for trail visitors. Other work will improve accessibility for people with disabilities. Coordinating with organizations that employ youth in conservation work is one of the priorities in funding these projects

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