BLM New Mexico: Wetlands Restoration within the Cebolla Wilderness

Photo El Malpias Cebolla Wilderness Bluffs

El Malpais Cebolla Wilderness Bluffs. This wetlands restoration project will restore 200 acres of riparian area, benefitting wildlife and visitors.


This habitat restoration project will restore 200 acres of riparian area in Cebolla Canyon in the Cebolla Wilderness, located approximately 45 miles southeast of Grants, New Mexico. The current road is causing erosion problems and earthen structures are not allowing water to spread evenly across the canyon bottom.

Recovery Act Funding

The investment will include realignment of the road out of the riparian area and reclamation of the old road. Approximately 1.5 miles of fence will be constructed to protect the riparian area. Old earthen structures in the canyon will be removed, resulting in the restoration of 200 acres of wetlands


In addition to restoring this 200 acre riparian area, the benefits to wildlife and visitors enjoying the wilderness will be ensured for the future.

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Don Ellsworth, Recovery Act State Coordinator
New Mexico State Office (505)761-8900

Frank Lewark, District Chief of Operations
Albuquerque District Office (505) 761-8738

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